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Turkey is approximately 3 times larger then the UK and has more than 66 millions inhabitants. Because of the location, Turkey is not only a passageway from which the ancient Asian Turkish culture is transmitted to the Europe, but also counted as a window of Western Culture opening to meet the Eastern Culture. Turkey is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Aegean Sea. Western half of Turkey is densely populated, on the other hand, the area along the Mediterranean is less populated. Along the Mediterranean Sea we find most of the holiday resorts, with great beaches.

The combination of nature, culture and history in Turkey is overwhelming. Cappadocia has one of the most interesting and spectacular landscapes in the world. Cappadocia is both a natural wonder and the result of human inventiveness. Million years ago the volcanoes of Mt. Erciyes and Mt. Hasan covered the surrounding plateau with volcanic tuff. As a result of their eruptions. the natural effects of wind, water and rain eroded this area into a spectacular surrealist landscape, but it was man who made their homes, churches, shops and courtrooms in them. In the East of Anatolia you find the rock statues at Nemrut Dagi, which could remind you of Easter island. On the South coast of Turkey you will find many remains of old Greek and Roman buildings, mostly well preserved.

Which such a diversity of sights, landscapes, resorts, and beaches Turkey is a wonderful destination for any traveller.

Travel Documents

You must be in the possession of valid travel documents. For actual information check the site of Foreign and Commonwealth
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Click on the link Travel Advice.

Health and vaccinations

Check the site of Department of Health for the most actual information.

Visa ( 10 pound serling in cash )

A visa is required for British nationals to enter Turkey. British citizens may obtain a multiple entry visitor's visa valid for 90 days at the port of entry on payment of ten pounds sterling in cash!! (Scottish currency is not accepted). If you are a BN(O) passport holder and you arrive at Istanbul airport without a visa obtained from a Turkish mission abroad, you may be refused entry to Turkey.


Turkish new Lira. Check for the most recent currency rate at Universal Currency Converter.


Turkish, further limited speaking of English and German.


2 hours later then the UK.


220 volt, and some places 110 volt.

Import en Export goods to the UK

If you are planning to travel into or out of the UK, there are rules about what goods you can bring with you without paying duty or VAT in the UK. Some goods are also banned or restricted by law. See for more the most actual information at HM Revenue and Customs .

Flight and Transfer

Flight time
London Gatwick to Dalaman ± 4 hours
London Gatwick to Antalya ± 4.5 hours

Antalya / Kas - 3 hours (stop included)
Dalaman / Kas - 3 hours (stop included)
Dalaman / Dalyan - 30 minutes
Dalaman / Akyaka - 1 hour

Actual temperature and time for Dalaman


Public holidays

1 January New Year's Day
23 April National Independence and Children's Day
19 May Youth and Sports Day
30 August Victory Day
28-29 October Republic Day


For taxi drivers, don't tip, just round the fare upwards to a convenient amount. So if the fare is YTL6.6, round it up to YTL 7. In restaurants Small tips (5% to 10%) are not necessary, but are appreciated in inexpensive establishments. In luxury restaurants, tip 10% to 15%.


Bargaining is a tradition in Turkey as in many other countries. Bargaining in Turkey is good practice for many less valuable items, Especially unique handmade goods such as carpets, crafts, artwork and antiques, items which do not have standardized prices. You can and should also bargain for hotels rooms in many cases. Many people find bargaining tedious and distasteful. Bargaining is a social as well as a business practice in Turkey, and can be relatively pleasant when done properly.

Food and drinks

The Turkish kitchen is one of the best kitchens in the world, and occupies the fourth place on the worlds ranking list. The Courts are slightly seasoned. Generally meat or fish is combined with rice or potatoes and vegetables. There are many types of Kebabs, but the Doner Kebab is well recommend. In many cases braised meats are prepared in a clay pot. These stews generally contain a combination of meat and vegetables. Feta is the most common cheese, sprinkled with olive oil and some pepper. Fish is highly recommended certainly in the more coastal areas, but ask first for the price. Pasta's and pizzas are not lacking. Turkey is also a country for anyone who loves sweet desserts, and you really should try Baklava.

Turkish coffee becomes as Nescafe, or Turkish coffee. Tea, on the other hand, is the main source of caffeine for the Turks. It is prepared in a special way, by brewing it over boiling water and serving in delicate, small glasses. Drinking tea is such an essential part of a working day, that any disruption of the constant supply of fresh tea is a sure way to sacrifice productivity. The Most popular spirit is Raki. Turkish Rakia is a anise-flavored liqueur that is similar to several kinds of alcoholic beverages available in the Mediterranean and Balkan (pastis, sambuca, arak, ouzo) You can drink a Turkish beer(Efes), but also Danish Carlsberg is popular in Turkey among other brands found internationally.

Simple table wines such as Kavak and Çankaya (white), Dikmen (red), Lâl (rosé/blush) and Villa Doluca (white and red) are drinkable and not expensive, but because discerning (and wealthy) Turkish wine-drinkers are only a small market, the better vintages are surprisingly expensive.

Drinking water

Water from the tap is mainly water for use, like for washing, you should not drink it. To have drinking water we recommend the mineral water in those plastic bottles. This water has an outstandingly good quality all over Turkey.


Throughout Turkey, cash machines are the standard way for travellers to change money. American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available. Traveller's cheques can be cashed immediately upon proof of identity. However, it may take several days to cash cheques from private accounts. Banks are open from van mon-fri from 8:30 - 12:00 and from 13:30 - 17:00


You can recognize the Turkish post office by the big yellow signs. The Post office is the place most recommended for changing money. The PTT changes almost all foreign currencies into Turkish Lira using the Bank's daily rate of exchange, on display at the entrance. A 2% commission is charged when exchanging currency. Please note that you can only exchange not withdraw money at the PTT. You can buy stamps here and if you want to send any postcards or letters. It can take between 4 and 14 days for postcards and letters to reach their destination. The post office is open from n mon-sat from 08:00 tot 24:00 hour and Sunday from 09:00-19:00 hour. Smaller offices are usually closed after 18:00 hour. Send your post by airmail !!


Turkey has a reasonable coverage for mobile telephony. That means that you can even be reached on the country site. It is also possible to purchase telephone cards at the PTT office. Various amounts of credits are available and these can then be used in the telephones right outside the door. This is far more economical than making a call from the hotel or from your mobile phone. Dial 0044 followed by area code (omitting 0) and then the number..

Average Temperatures Lycian Coast ( °C / °F )

Month day night Month day night
March 16 / 60 9 / 48 July 35 / 95 22 / 72
April 21 / 69 12 / 53 August 35 / 95 22 / 72
May 25 / 77 15 / 59 September 35 / 95 22 / 72
June 31 / 87 20 / 68 October 25 / 77 15 / 59


Are you using medicines, ask you're local doctor for a medicine declaration..


The Turks are proud on their traditions, and very welcoming. It is better to avoid discussions concerning problems with minorities (Kurds) and belief. Turkey is a safe country. In the larger places, on fairs or markets look out for pickpockets..

Car rent

Renting a car is not expensive. Drivers must be at least 21 years old. The local Sunflowers office offers Car hire with all the usual Sunflowers benefits and assurance.


Bus: The bus is a relatively cheap transport means. The bus service regulations are reliable. The busses have frequently air conditioning. Reserve, however in advance, at an agent or on at the bus venture. The buses leave from a bus station.

Train: Trains have first and second class seats. A number of trains are provided with restaurant and or couchettes. You can order a train ticket at an agent or at the train station.

Local Transport: These minibuses are the cheapest transport means.(Dolmus means literally packed) These minibuses take off and drive a fixed route on regular times. You can apprehend them, by putting your hand in the air. Remember however, that if the bus is full he won't stop. You pay for the distance and, pay at the moment you get off. In Dalyan the Dolmus stands near the post office.

Taxis: Taxis are relatively cheap. The taxis have a meter. Night Tariff is 50% more expensive than the day tariff. In some cases it is possible to agree for a fixed price.