Akyaka beach in Turkey

Akyaka Turkey

Akyaka a holiday in a relaxed environment

This tiny village of Akyaka, near the town of Marmaris is in the province of Mugla. Situated at the foot of the Sakar hills, which rise 670 metres above the crystal clear blue Aegean waters at the bay of Gökova. Since it is in a designated conservation area buildings are of the traditional Ula/Mugla design, with their elegant tiled roofs, and they make full use of the timber by applying intricate carvings.

Akyaka has its own sandy Beach and small harbour where you can buy freshly caught seafood from the fisherman. At Cinar, 5 kilometres away from Akyaka there is a beautiful pebble Beach. A 40 minute walk at the end of Akyaka. Beach brings you to a small national park with lovely walks along the cliff tops. The fast cold river running through the village to the sea is a haven for wildlife and fish, walking in the direction of giant Eucalyptus trees you pass some ancient monuments left over from the Lycian period. Near the village of Gökova you can find remains from the ancient city of Idyma with its Acropolis and Sarcophagus.


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